The Unofficial Gordon Southern Annual ★★★★

Geoff, One4Review | Posted on August 1st, 2009

I first saw Gordon Southern three years ago when he seemed to be in everything, plays, showcases and his own show and although I hadn’t witnessed him before enjoyed his performance in all. The following year he was back and again an excellent show was forthcoming.

He was not performing last year so with him back on the menu this time, I made a point of catching his latest offering.

Southern has always had a show with gimmicks and plenty of props. This year he has a magic box that plays, jingles I suppose you may call them and a lot of his sections are announced by a sting or sound bites, sometimes these appear in the sections too.
Southern is widely traveled and tells stories on visits to America, Dubai, Singapore and of course his wife’s home land Australia, all interspersed with anecdotes and gags and the occasional sound effect.

Gordon has a pleasing delivery, good material and is genuinely funny, so why don’t you check him out. As part of the five pound Fringe it won’t break the bank either.

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