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February 18th, 2022

The Longest Year



If you need to vent after TWO YEARS of you-know-what, this Adelaide Fringe, book in for Gordon Southern: the Longest Year and leave a happier person.

What’s the show about?

Well, if 2020 was a housemate he or she would have outstayed their welcome by now. “You said you’d be gone after a few months!” I cried.

“Sorry” replied 2020, “there were… variants.”

The Longest Year – what would Dickens say?

It was the best of times (if you were making masks or toilet paper). It was the worst of times (for everybody else).

The 2020 Olympics and 2020 European Football (if you’re reading this in Oz, soccer) Cup taking place in 2021 was very confusing too, especially as the frequent trips to BWS whenever a border closed began to take their toll. Worst.Drinking.Game.Ever.

But when the borders did open interstate… the adventures were excellent! There’s the Trans-Tasman Bubble adventure, the Sydney great escape. An unforgettable incident with a Jack Russel and  Bichon Frise in Brisbane, plus some retraining in Adelaide that found me dressing up as Santa for money like some super -niche sex worker.

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