The Kerfuffle ★★★★

, Festival Journal | Posted on August 5th, 2013

Gordon Southern’s show Kerfuffle is a delightful mix of spontaneous comedy, musical skits and very funny monologues.

With over 16 years in the industry, the Brixton-born comedian has been involved in writing shows for the BBC including The One Ronnie and Dead Ringers. He has also toured extensively in Australia and has done some work on TV and radio there.

Southern fully involves the audience, affectionately picking on people and referring to them throughout the show. His style is approachable and a lot of his jokes feel as intimate as if he were telling them over a pint or two. By the end of the show, one word and a nod to a particular member of the crowd is enough to have the place in stitches.

The show is aptly named, being scattered with completely random music samples or (not to give too much away) a collection of wooden animals. A lot of Southern’s pre-planned jokes are so conversational that they mix with improvisation very smoothly.

He includes some short raps in the show, and although entertaining, they are slightly at odds with his persona of the rest of the show. They add a good element of randomness to the gig however, mixed in alongside anecdotes to create an off-the-cuff feeling.

The stage set-up is good with a few props used sporadically throughout the show and decent lighting. The gig takes place in a small room in the Gilded Balloon which adds to the pub-chat feeling.

A very entertaining show where Southern proves that he is talented at both pre-planned and spontaneous humour.

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