The Kerfuffle ★★★★★

, Broadway Baby | Posted on August 1st, 2013

At a Gordon Southern show, you don’t just get great comedy, you learn a little too. The Kerfuffle is a delightful hour of hilarity with the perfect mesh of jokes and fun facts.

Southern is a captivating and skilled performer which he shamelessly attributes to his drama degree – this cheeky nature is part of his charm. Armed with his trusty sound effects box – his signature prop – Southern effortlessly wins over the crowd with his unique style of edutainment comedy. His material is cutting-edge, intelligent and engaging; encompassing a range of topics from laughing at the nation’s idiosyncrasies to the horrors of living life as a bachelor in a recession. He also manages to weave in an unexpectedly heartwarming story about his father without significantly affecting the momentum of the set.

What makes Southern such a consummate entertainer is his ability to maintain composure and retain the show’s comedic pulse even when things go wrong. There were some initial audio issues but Southern cleverly works this so seamlessly into the show that it almost felt intentional.
He also took care to adapt his set to cater for the more intimate crowd and also injected more universal material for the benefit of audience members who were from overseas. I felt this made the show come across as more personalised.

Southern’s upbeat demeanour coupled with his infectious energy make his show an incredibly easy and enjoyable watch. His commentary on life is fun, quirky and relatable. I found his many observations about human behaviour in particular (specifically his own) extremely hilarious more so because they were also very accurate.

The Kerfuffle is an absolute joy and is the ideal early evening feel good comedic treat. It is highly accessible, wonderfully exuberant and will leave you with a big smile on your face.

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