That’s a Fun Fact! ★★★★

Geoff, One4Review | Posted on July 27th, 2018

It was said that the falling of the Berlin Wall 1989 would mean the end of history as everything would be great after the cold war. Spoiler alert. It wasn’t. There is oh so much more and Gordon Southern, our ‘homeless Frank Lampard lookalike’, his words, is just the man to enlighten one and all on the past 28 years, all within his allotted hour.

Southern has always been a safe pair of hands when it comes to doing his show. He is well informed, has a raft of funny material, he has stagecraft and charisma, he is totally at home riffing with the audience as he is delivering the well-honed show, and his cheeky grin could disarm anyone. That is a fact, fun or otherwise.

Southern breezes through his hour highlighting events from each year, mixing into the narrative snippets of what he was up to in those times with added sound effects and stings, especially ‘It’s a Fun Fact’ punctuating proceedings.
Gordon Southern is a consummate pro and an hour spent watching this show is certainly an hour well spent. A great way to start the evening’s Fringe going.

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