Gordon Southern – Vault @ Q Theatre ★★★★

Ben Blackman, Keeping Up With NZ | Posted on May 7th, 2014

I have never been to Vault @ Q Theatre, but now I that I have I would advise against multiple layers.
It gets toasty and no one can escape the house lights exposure of forehead shine.

I was there to see Gordon Southerns ‘Your New Favourite Comedian’, the funny man who is a big fan of the Swedish rock band The Hives.

Gordon Southern is a highly energetic comedian who gets a bit shouty at times but this adds to his dramatic approach. A brilliant actor himself, Southern will take you through some of the finer points of fine-wine and provide an insightful review of Australian wine tours.

Gordon used to be a wine waiter you see and like many in the hospitality industry will provide you with some valuable life lessons that you will probably not listen to. Liking taking drugs for instance, many comedians during this festival have flippantly warned against the dangers of drugs but obviously haven’t tried K2 or Thai High – the joke would be on them then.
There was some advocacy for drinking and in my opinion Gordon Southern is definitely someone you would like to meet at the bar, and it would probably save you buying a ticket to his show (which I strongly recommend by the way).

It was Gordon Southern’s first show of the festival, and his dynamism was quite a shock for Tuesday night punters.
But not to worry, Kiwi’s get hammered nightly from Wednesday night onwards and I suggest going to this show with a moderate to heavy night planned.

Also, if you like The Hives then it’s festival goer’s comedy wet dream.

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