Long Story Short ★★★1/2

Owen Heitmann, | Posted on February 12th, 2015

UK comedian Gordon Southern’s new show, as he described it, is nominally structured around cars (and his father), but this evening’s performance was more of a train wreck – albeit an hilarious one.

With a couple of boozed-up bogan hecklers in the front row doing their best to derail the show, Gordon had no choice but to incorporate them into the act, bringing his sizeable improv skills to the forefront. The result was a (hopefully) unique set that included scripted pieces about Jaguar cars, topical local references, and sidesplittingly awkward interactions with punters apparently unfamiliar with basic public etiquette.

Anecdotes about dealing with a parent with Alzheimer’s provided the show’s emotional anchor, while frequent short, improvised raps highlighted the night’s absurdity. Although Gordon’s patience must have been sorely tested, he passed with flying colours.

Given that the evening was only tangentially representative of the show as prepared, it may not be the best basis for a review. However, it certainly showcased Gordon’s quick wit, cheerful stage persona, and ability to handle the worst an audience can offer with good humour.

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