Free Range

Michael Coghlan, RipItUp Magazine | Posted on February 1st, 2011

To be honest, Gordon Southern could say or do almost anything and get away with it.
His infectious smile, self-effacing and engaging manner just gets you immediately onside. And he’s confident enough in his own ability to make you laugh that he invites the audience to join him in rating his performance as he goes. He takes risks. And not everything works.

But it matters not as within seconds he (and we) have shrugged it off and we’re on to the next gag, anecdote, story, observation about travel, Catholics, family, traffic and – oh yes – Adelaide. Gordon has Adelaide connections and spends so much time here he has learnt to speak ‘Noarlungan’.

So the ‘in context’ local reference jokes that other comics struggle with are money for jam for him. He’s the best of both worlds – the best of British humour with a keen perception of this fair land’s quirks.

Great show.

Final Word: Engaging

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