A Brief History Of History

JULE SCHERER, | Posted on May 2nd, 2012

Gordon Southern is the history teacher you’ve never had. The British comedian serves a one-hour-lesson packed with quirky fun facts in his new programme, aptly tilted A Brief History of History.

The energetic Londoner is assuming the role of tutor for the night, equipped with PowerPoint slides, laser-pointer and an ancient mixing machine loaded with an array of jingles.

These set the background to alert the audience to fun facts, set the stage when the heavy topic of religion is approached and provide the beats for him to break into freestyle rap.

The high-speed journey takes the audience from dinosaurs to suitcases with wheels in slightly more than an hour.
In the snug and cosy venue Cavern Club this manic teacher frequently engages with the audience, including giving out gold stars for correct answers and telling off audience members for talking during class.

We learn about the similarities between religion and whiskey and what Keith Moon, and Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham have in common with Jesus.
If you’re easily offended by jokes about religion, this might not be your pick of the night, but if you’re a fan of fun facts and find the odd type font joke hilarious, Southern is your man.

This lesson is a hell of a ride and never has learning about history been so much fun.

Gordon Southern performs in Wellington at the Cavern Club May 1 to 5, and in Auckland at the Classic Studio May 7 to 12.

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