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January 28th, 2016

Adelaide Fringe Festival Focus: Gordon Southern: Adelaide Hills Cop II

Describe your show in a tweet? It’s an hour of stand-up that’s not really about the Adelaide Hills, or police work. Nor is it a sequel.

What was the inspiration behind your show? In 1987, me and my pal Nic snuck into an Essex cinema to watch Beverly Hills Cop II. Nearly 30 years later I wrote a show about pigs, Uber, Somalia, realestate agents, novelty mugs and hair. There’s no connection.

Tell us a bit about the creative team working on this project? I should thank my pals in Brixton, London who sat shivering with me outside cafes drinking coffee and spinning ideas. This is the culmination of all those Portuguese custard tarts distilled into yellow flaky comedy gold.

What do you love about Fringe and why? Possums pissing from trees on Garden Of Delights food to claim it as their own. UK comics sizzling on city beaches. High-fiving other globetrotting clowns buying props in the Reject Shop. Hahndorf days, Fringe bar nights. Cleland, Mt Lofty. Pies.

When and where is your Fringe show? It’s on 27 Feb to 13 Mar (no shows on Mondays) at 8.30pm at Producers Warehouse.

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